Injection Molded Components to Specifications

With Injection Molding Presses to 800 Ton, the Injection Molded Components we produce are guaranteed to the tolerances and specifications your operations demand. Molds and Tooling are produced in-house while Insert Molding is one of our Injection Molding specialties. Our Injection Molding serves the transportation and scientific communities. We also take pride in helping to keep our nation safe by providing quality precision Injection Molding for the Defense Industry.

Our Global Reach means that we can also procure your finished precision custom injection molded plastic parts overseas while we handle all the hassles and headaches that come with ‘offshoring.’ We have decades of experience working with proven reliable sources to ensure total quality in Injection Molded Components stateside while providing the globally competitive pricing our customers demand.

Our commitment to quality, precision Injection Molded Components is matched by our record for on-time or before delivery. Whether you prefer your parts made in USA or globally sourced, we are the supplier for precision Injection Molded Components with the options you require to keep your products globally competitive.

When it comes to injection molded components, we demand of ourselves the three keys to your success:

  • Precision quality Injection Molded Components: You require precision from your injection molded components to ensure that they’ll do the job they’re designed to do. The quality you demand starts with us and we demand of ourselves the quality and precision you need.
  • Timely delivery of Injection Molded Components: No matter the quality of precision injection molded components, they don’t do you any good until they arrive at your location. We consider deadlines sacred. Our process is designed to provide you with quality precision plastic components on time or before.
  • Competitive pricing: We realize that, while you require quality with plastic components, you also have an eye on the bottom line. At Methods Manufacturing, out goal is to ensure that you have access to affordable plastic components when you need them.